Why online blackjack is such a popular game

This article reviews the basic reasons of why online blackjack is gaining popularity with more number of people going for it over other forms of gambling.

Online blackjack or “21” as the game is more popular as is a card game involving multiple decks of cards wherein the players have to make a total of 21 with the cards they have. This is the only game of gambling where the player can beat the house and can depend on his own strategies and ease dealing with cards to win the game rather than on luck as in other forms of gambling like online roulette or online baccarat.

Internet blackjack came into being in 1990s and since then has been an instant hit among new players as they can practice the game and think over various strategies sitting at their home as the unnerving thrill of the casino might distract them. Online US casinos and other casinos worldwide do offer free trials alongwith a fair description of the game and tips to win the game which provides a real time experience for novices at the game.

Looking for progressive jackpot? Online US casinos also give blackjack bonus to gain the loyalty of players to their website. Online blackjack bonus of up to 100% or more signup bonus adds to the attracting feature of the game.

US online casinos and other casinos worldwide have their own customized house advantage which is generally lower in the online version of the game. The house edge is lowered the lower number of decks used per game and online casinos offer as low as 0.8% of house edge.

While playing blackjack online, one can maximize his chances of winning using techniques like card counting or blackjack basic strategy.

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